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Has your vehicle been involved in an accident? Has your home been damaged by weather, fire, or vandalism? Stay calm and follow some clear steps to make your way through this stressful event. Diamond Insurance Agencies has some tips to help you more easily and effectively deal with a motor vehicle or house claim.

Diamond Insurance Agencies is proud to offer insurance solutions from leading insurers. In case of emergency, call one of these numbers. If you don’t know what insurance company covers your auto or home, call us directly toll-free at 1-888-240-9630.

In Case of a Car Accident

  1. If you, passengers, or another driver have injuries, call 911 for emergency assistance. Do not move any injured person unless necessary.
  2. If no one is injured, move yourself and your vehicle to a safe location nearby.
  3. Call the local police department to determine if you can or should leave the scene of the accident. The police will give you directions on how to report the accident, or they will send officers to the accident scene.
  4. If possible, collect the insurance information, vehicle identification number, and licence plate number for any drivers involved in the accident.
  5. Finally, after you have reported the incident to the appropriate authorities, your next step is to let Diamond Insurance help you through your broker or by calling us directly at our toll-free number.
Has your vehicle been vandalized?
Contact the police immediately to make a report. After the report has been made, you should contact your broker or call us at our toll-free number.
Has your vehicle been damaged?
If your vehicle has been damaged by falling debris or another unexpected event, contact your broker directly or call us at our toll-free number.

In Case of a House Claim

  • For cases of vandalism or burglary, call the police first of all. Get a police report and the names of the officers who prepared the report. Then contact your broker directly or call us at our toll-free number.

  • If your home is damaged by fire, wind, hail, a falling tree, or other environmental disaster, notify your insurance company or call Diamond Insurance directly at our toll-free number as soon as possible.

  • Take steps to protect your property but don’t remove any damaged materials or possessions until adjusters have visited your home. Take photos or videotape the damage if possible.

  • Keep receipts for other accommodations and extra expenses if you cannot live at your residence until repairs or replacements are completed.

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